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Off-ice Conditioning for Figure Skaters

The importance of sport-specific training for skaters

Figure skating is a unique aerobic-power based sport, where skaters are required to execute a series of high-powered elements such as jumps, spins, throws, lifts and other movements, in programs that can last on average from two to four and half minutes long. In order for figure skaters to effectively perform their programs with confidence and grace, it is important that they not only have the technical skating ability, but also the physical strength and conditioning for their body to handle the loads placed upon them. Skaters need the following, in order to achieve optimum performance in their sport:

  • Strong aerobic base to tolerate intermittent intense anaerobic workloads
  • Coordination of the upper and lower body to execute skating skills
  • Lower body power for speed, stroking and jumps
  • Core strength for balance, stability in field moves, holding positions, generating power and to preventing buckling upon landing of jumps
  • Overall joint range of motion and flexibility for limb extension and performing spirals, sit spins, beillmann’s and other flexible skating moves

At Your Peak Performance, figure skaters benefit from our years of research and analysis of the sport, and our expertise in fitness testing and off-ice conditioning. Our off-ice conditioning program for figure skaters is designed to develop and enhance athletic ability, condition for skill transference from off-ice to improve on-ice performance and essentially to build a complete athlete while preventing injuries. Figure skaters will work on speed, agility, co-ordination, balance and dynamic core stabilization. Explosive power is trained to improve jump height and stroking power. Rotational flexibility and mechanics are emphasized for jumps, spins and throws. Figure skaters receive a well-developed and structured off-ice program that specifically addresses their individual needs, skill level, goals and skating discipline.

Programs we offer for figure skaters:

.  Group and private off-ice training

.  Fitness Testing

.  Individualized Fitness Programs

.  Personalized Pre-Ice Dynamic Warm-Up

.  Post-Ice Stretches

.  Pilates

.  Jump and stretch classes

.  Seminars and workshops

.  Figure Skating Lessons (Singles and Pairs: all ages and levels)