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Finding a Coach – the Guide for Adults

So! you’re an adult looking for a good figure skating coach in Toronto.

Whether you figure skated in a past life, or are pretty new to the sport – finding a good coach is key.

When I started my journey, I took both group and private lessons with a slew of coaches and I missed out on a few key factors:

  1. I wasn’t progressing nearly as fast as I could have been (And I say that factoring in the fact that I’m just not the fastest learner on the ice, and probably never will be)
  2. My coaches worked with maybe a couple of other adults, and the rest were kids – they didn’t understand my need for verbal explanations (Like many adult skaters, I overthink things), and couldn’t break elements down into progressions that worked for me
  3. They didn’t push for excellence or progress the way they would with a younger kid
  4. I had fun…but not nearly enough fun – my coaches were former competitors, who skated from the time they were kids, but lost their passion for the sport somewhere along the way

Anyways… after 2 years of working on the same really basic things, I realized that despite skating daily, and taking private lessons twice a week, all of the factors above were in play – and I was getting nowhere fast.

Don’t get me wrong – if you’re new, or even a returning figure skater – working for a long time on the foundations of skating, like edges, turns and stroking is really important – and is a lifelong component of the sport, but with the wrong coach, you can also waste a lot of time/money if you’re not doing them properly, and you might be progressing a lot slower than you should be.

I set out to find a new coach – with a couple of goals in mind: they had to be REALLY passionate about skating, they needed to work well with adults (and have other adult students) and they needed to be patient, but also set high goals and expectations for me.

It took about 6 months and then by chance I met Ryan while he was coaching a few other adults. I would practice at the same arena, and watch him coaching – I saw how much faster his students were progressing than I was – but almost more importantly – how passionate he is about coaching and figure skating. His adult students have a ton of fun, but they compete, and test – and take the sport seriously.

If you’re not in the Toronto area – my advice is: Look for a coach who works with a lot of adults – in every city I’ve skated in, there’s usually one or two that do it well. Look for someone who loves the sport, and loves giving it over to anyone who’s willing to learn.

TL;DR – Joining Your Peak Performance is the best decision I ever made, and Ryan is hands down, the best figure skating coach for adults in Toronto.